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The social media campaign manager

I don’t talk about social media tools very much anymore. Before I started my own agency, I had a lot more time to read about shiny new objects, but it was one of the things that I cut out very quickly when my time suddenly became much more valuable than it once was. I don’t think I’m alone there.

It’s not that I totally ignore the space now. I’m just much more judicious about what tools I try, use, review or even talk about. The litmus test is that they have to make my life easier. Otherwise, they’re just more noise.

A few months back, a guy named Mike Potter emailed me out of the blue and asked if he could show me a new social media tool that he was working on. He was a friend of a friend, so I met for a coffee, and he told me about Arkli, which he described as a “social campaign manager”.  Essentially, a tool that allows you to schedule entire social media campaigns, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, in advance, and the invite others to schedule retweets, reposts and comments on that content – also in advance.

This is a thing that would make my life easier.

Since then, Arkli has grown and expanded, and just today announced that it now integrates with Mailchimp, so email marketing can be part of your pre-scheduled integrated campaigns.

Think about this. If you have an announcement, you can schedule an email campaign to your customers, set video explaining the announcement to launch at the same time as a blog post, followed by announcements to your personal and brand Facebook pages, Tweet it at various points during the day. Then, you can invite employees, friends, supporters or pre-briefed bloggers to add their tweets, blog posts, comments, and “likes” to the campaign before it launches.

For instance, Mike asked me if I could help him spread the word on this announcement last week, and all of my tweets and posts were set up then and just launched today so I could respect his embargo and have everything launch at the right time.  He set up all of the dominoes, and set a timer to knock them down.

There are no shortage of shiny new objects, but social media tools that actually save you time and make your job easier are few and far between. That fact is going to separate a lot of startups from the rest of the field in the coming years.

You can try out the Arkli Social Campaign Manager at www.arkli.com.

(Full disclosure: My agency, Northern Army, is helping Arkli develop its communication strategy.)


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