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Getting past social media BS

Let’s face it – we all know there’s a lot of it out there.  The important question is how we advance beyond the advice of self-proclaimed experts and integrate social media into our marketing in a way that moves the needle for our clients or our businesses.

To answer (at least some of) that question, Chris Greenfield, product strategist and Founder & CEO of clever communications will be speaking at the next Social Media Breakfast on the topic Social Media Hype: Getting past the BS and making it work.

From the description:

When ROI means everything, businesses need to focus their social media efforts on their core business goals, with a realistic look at the resources and commitment required to execute well a social media program.

I’ve worked with Chris many times in the past and I can vouch for him being one of the good ones.  He’s also an excellent speaker, so don’t miss the opportunity to see him in Ottawa.  Book your ticket today – http://smbottawa8.eventbrite.com


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM (ET)


160 Elgin Street
Suite 2600
Ottawa, K1P 1C3

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  1. who should care about Social Media BS anyways??