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Shiny New Objects – LIVE

After a far-too-long winter in Ottawa, we’ve finally emerged from our igloos and thawed our Molson Canadians just in time for the return of Third Tuesday Ottawa, which will be held on Monday, May 5.  That’s right – it’s about topics so ahead of their time, it’s being held the day before.

If you happen to live in Ottawa, be sure to head down to the Clocktower at 575 Bank Street (downstairs), and see yours truly debating shiny new objects in public relations and which ones we should be paying attention to along with the distinguished Colin McKay and Brendan Hodgson.  Here’s the official blurb:

“It seems that almost every day, we hear an announcement of a new social media tool, social network or open standard that the inventors tell us we soon won’t be able to live without. At this month’s Third Tuesday Ottawa, we have a panel of Colin McKay, Ryan Anderson and Brendan Hodgson to lead a discussion of which social media tools are most useful and which are just code looking for a reason to be.”

So, we’re going to try to acheive the optimal level of drunkenness (obnoxious, but not quite beligerent) and try to get to the bottom of all those new and fun toys to see what’s fierce and what’s a hot mess.

The full details are on the Meetup site at http://publicrelations.meetup.com/84/calendar/7816548/.  It should be a fun time, and you might even learn something… I hope you can join us.

Thanks to Joe Thornley for continuing to bring us all together for a great event!


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  1. I will be there. Is heckling encouraged?

  2. I don’t come down to where you work and slap the burgers out of your hands.