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Dell launches blog, suddenly everyone an expert

Only in blogland would a company launching a blog be considered news, but hey – I’ll admit to being social media nerd, so I’m going to write about it too.

Dell, if you’re unfamiliar, is one of those companies that we PR bloggers are talking about when we refer to clueless old-school companies who are too big and Hell-bent on control to ever enter into a conversation with their market. Apparently, however, there are still some free-thinking communicators with enough sway to convince the company with one of the worst reputations for customer service in the blogosphere to take that leap of faith and start a-bloggin’.

Steve Rubel, Jeff Jarvis and countless others have offered their (actual) expert opinion on how to make the Dell one2one blog work. Dell would do well to heed this advice. I’m not even going to bother putting in my two cents, since the big guys have said pretty well all there is to say.

I’ll tell you what, though – reading through the comments on this thing, I would HATE to be the guy who had to spend his time responding to them. It seems that every self-proclaimed blogging expert in the world has taken it upon themselves to tell Dell what they should do with the blog and how.

Ranging from “drivel” to “such a boring blog” from someone who calls themselves “Microsoft Employee,” to rants about customer service and complaints that Michael Dell himself isn’t writing daily (hint: CEOs are busy) Dell has opened Pandora’s box for customer conversation, and there’s no closing it now.

Here’s how I predict it will play out:
– “Everyone hates us! Let’s start a blog!”
– “Welcome to the blogosphere – here is everything that is wrong with you.”
– “We’re trying! Bear with us as we grow!”
– “Um… yeah… I was trying to download Comet Cursor on my computer, and everything froze. What should I do?”
– “In order to make sure that we can address comments in a timely fashion, we’ll have to moderate them.”
– Blogosphere: “Rabble, rabble, rabble!”
– “We’re trying! Bear with us as we continue to grow!”
– Blogosphere: “Rabble, rabble, rabble!”
– “Everyone hates us even more now. Blogs are failures – let’s go back to shouting at our customers about how great we are.”
– Blogosphere: “RABBLE!!! RABBLE, RABBLE!”



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